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Ekosysteemi, energian virtaus ja ekosysteemipalvelut

Ekosysteemin rakenne ja energian virtaus ekosysteemin läpi Ekoysteemi; Wikipedia Netistä: Ge­ne­ral & Hu­man Bi­o­lo­gy: Eco­lo­gy; Eco­sys­tems hig­he­red.mcgraw-hill.com: Dy­na­mics of Eco­sys­tems http://www.bi­o­lo­gy.ual­ber­ta.ca/fa­ci­li­ties/mul­ti­me­dia/up­lo­ads/al­ber­ta/Eco­sys­tem.html OpenStax; Biology 46.1 Ecology of Ecosystems Figure 3. These are the trophic levels of a food chain in Lake Ontario at the United States-Canada border Figure 4. The relative energy in trophic levels in a Silver …

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