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Eläm­me pit­käl­le tek­no­lo­gi­soi­tu­nees­sa maa­il­mas­sa. Te­ol­li­suu­teen ja ener­gi­an­tuo­tan­toon liit­tyy mo­nen­lai­sia ris­ke­jä.Täs­sä ar­tik­ke­lis­sa on esi­merk­ke­jä muu­ta­mis­ta va­ka­vim­mis­ta ta­pauk­sis­ta.

Koon­tia Japanin tsu­na­min ai­heut­ta­mas­ta ydin­on­net­to­muu­des­ta vuonna 2011

Nuc­le­ar In­ci­dent Team DoE [Pub­lic do­main], via Wi­ki­me­dia Com­mons; Map shows the ra­di­a­ti­on dose that would be re­cei­ved by pe­op­le in the first year fol­lo­wing the rele­ase of ra­di­o­ac­ti­ve ma­te­ri­al from the Fu­kus­hi­ma Da­iic­hi plant. EPS’s gui­de­li­ne for re­lo­ca­ti­on is over 2000 mR/yr (20 mSv/yr) which is area mar­ked with Red.)

Tšernobylin ydinvoimalaonnettomuus 1986


Torjunta-ainetehtaan räjähdys Intian Bhopalissa vuonna 1984

Wins Naron; Julkaistu 13.2.2015; The Bhopal disaster, also referred to as the Bhopal gas tragedy, was a gas leak incident in India, considered the world’s worst industrial disaster.


Syanidipäästö Romaniassa 2000

DW English; Julkaistu 24.6.2010; Ten years ago, a number of eastern European rivers were contaminated by cyanide after a toxic spill at a gold reprocessing plant in northern Romania. Residents are protesting against efforts at the plant to resume the extraction of gold by using cyanide.It was one of Europe’s worst-ever



Meksikonlahti 2010

National Geographic; Julkaistu 23.6.2011; June 23, 2011 — Marine oil spills are usually measured by the amount of oil floating on the surface. But the BP spill in the Gulf of Mexico, from a deep-sea well, required a different approach. Find out how one fluid-dynamics expert caused estimates to rise sharply practically overnight. © 2011

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