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YouTube; videoita

NASA | The Ocean: A Driving Force for Weather and Climate; Julkaistu 3.8.2012

NASA Scientific Visualization Studio; Garbage Patch Visualization Experiment

Ocean Odyssey – Surface Currents; NASASciFiles; Julkaistu 21.8.2007; Fourth segment of the Ocean Odyssey describes surface currents, what role they have in the creation of climate and how they form.

Draining Earth’s oceans, revealing the two-thirds of Earth’s surface we don’t get to see
Remake of an animation NASA made back in 2008, but at high resolution and with edited timing (, the previous version was 1024×512 while this one is 3840×2160

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El Niño ja La Nina

El Nino; December 16, 2017; NOAA Environmental Visualization Laboratory; “This particular map, from 2016, shows one of the strongest El Ninos on record”
La Nina; December 10, 2017; NOAA Environmental Visualization Laboratory

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Ilmastonmuutos ja meret

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